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What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy taking into account my psycho-bio-social context.

What am I treating in osteopathy?

In osteopathy I treat all my pain and limitations of mechanical origins, called functional. I click on this link to know some common patterns in osteopathy.

Who is osteopathy meant for ?

What is the purpose of my osteopathy session?

The goal of my session in osteopathy is to help me regain better mobility of the different structures of my body. To reduce or reduce my genes or my pain. My osteopath is my ally to accompany me in my approach to feel better in my body.


How is my osteopathy session going?

My osteopath begins with an anamnesis or targeted discussion on my reason for consultation, my symptoms and my medical history in order to create my medical file. In a second phase, my osteopath will exclude a potential pathology and establish a diagnosis by performing medical and osteopathic tests. Finally in a third phase my osteopath treats me with adapted manual techniques. At the end of the session, my osteopath can still give me advice to actively help me improve my condition.

What training for my osteopath?

In Switzerland my osteopath is graduated with a Master of Science in osteopathy or its equivalent. Throughout his career my osteopath has the obligation and the duty to continue to train each year.

Does my osteopath make you "crack"?

My osteopath at Swiss Osteo is trained in so-called “structural” or “articular” techniques. The choice of these techniques are used according to the person and his pathology. If I only want gentler techniques, I talk to my osteopath, he will be able to adapt to my expectations with other effective techniques. For information the cracking is not painful and does not mean that the joint has been moved. It is simply the consequence of the release of a small bubble of gas within the joint concerned which has the effect of temporarily improving its mobility.

How many osteopathy sessions do I need?

There is no predefined number of sessions required. An osteopathic treatment is a therapeutic alliance with my osteopath with a common goal centered on my improvement. His professional vision and my feelings will guide the follow-up of my treatment.

Can I give an additional examination copy to my osteopath?

My osteopath will integrate into my medical file and will take my exams into account in order to optimize my treatment. I can send him my exam reports by email or bring them back during my next session.

How long does my osteopathy session last?

My first session lasts about 1 hour with the creation of my medical file. My subsequent sessions last an average of 45 minutes.

Is my osteopathy session reimbursed by my insurance?

 My osteopathy session can be partially reimbursed if I have taken out additional insurance called “alternative medicine”. My osteopath at Swiss Osteo is recognized by the ASCA and/or RME registers. Before starting a treatment, I contact my insurance in order to know the details of my contract concerning osteopathy. Note that only Mr. Boris Hueber is also recognized by Visana and Natura R3.

When and how should I pay for my osteopathy session?

At the end of my session, I pay the consultation directly to my osteopath. I can pay in cash, by Twint or by credit card. Please note that payments by Twint or by card are only increased to cover bank charges.

How much does my osteopathy session cost?

My first osteopathy session costs 156 CHF (bank charges are added if I wish to pay by card or by Twint). My next osteopathy sessions cost 130 CHF (bank charges are added too if I want to pay by card or Twint). Information in case of delay or cancellation I click here

Where is my Swiss Osteo practice located?

My Swiss Osteo osteopathy practice is located in downtown Lausanne. 5′ from the train station, near Place Saint-François, opposite the Lausanne Palace hotel. To get there easily, I can click on the address and enter my route: Rue du Grand Chêne 6 1003 Lausanne

How do I make an appointment with my Swiss Osteo osteopath?

You can make an appointment directly online by clicking on this link 24/7 or call our secretariat on 021 320 28 28 from Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

What are the opening hours of my Swiss Osteo osteopathy practice?

I can make an appointment for an osteopathy session Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Does my osteopath Swiss Osteo come to my company?

My osteopath Swiss Osteo also offers its services within companies for employees. If I wish to offer osteopathy to my employees, I can contact you by email.

Does my Swiss Osteo osteopath come to your home?

My osteopath Swiss Osteo also offers his services at home if I am unable to move. I contact by email

Information & Advise

Back ache ? What are the different lower back pains?

Lumbago or back pain are the most frequent reasons for consultations in osteopathy. We will be able to help you relieve yourself or refer you to a specialist if necessary.

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Migraines or headaches?

Migraines, headaches or chronic headaches, have you consulted our osteopathy practice? Headaches are characterized by severe to moderate pain in the skull and often affect the quality of life of patients. Two main forms are considered, episodic tension headache and chronic tension headache.

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Shoulder pain? What are the different shoulder pains?

Shoulder pain can be linked to several pathologies, for example: a muscle tear in the rotatuer cuff, an inflammatory condition such as tendinitis or bursitis, or even degenerative such as osteoarthritis.

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Why and when to be followed in osteopathy during pregnancy?

During pregnancy the body undergoes great changes often accompanied by genes. To be able to improve comfort and prepare well for childbirth, osteopathy is an excellent alternative.

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Knee pain ? What are the different causes of my pain?

Knee pain is quickly disabling whether in everyday life or during our activities such as hiking, trail running or even cycling.

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Stress management and osteopathy?

We all experience all forms of stress on a daily basis. What is stress? What are the consequences on my organization? What can osteopathy do for me?

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Is massage a good complement to my osteopathy treatment?

Often do not underestimate the tensions that we accumulate. A massage is often a good start to begin to relax and undertake osteopathy treatment at the same time.

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Swiss Osteo support the Red Cross

Collaboration of Boris Hueber founder of Swiss Osteo and the Red Cross

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