Therapeutic, sports, relaxing or even meditative anti-stress massage treatments

Therapeutic, sports, relaxing or meditative anti-stress massages 120CHF for 60 minutes, more information from Alexandro Rojas 079 863 00 03

We are pleased to offer you, in addition to osteopathy, therapeutic massage treatments in the practice on Fridays from 8:30 am to 07:30 pm and Saturdays from 8:30 am to noon. Recognized by ASCA and RME, care is covered as for osteopathy by your complementary alternative medicine insurance.  Note Assura, AXA and Visana do not cover therapeutic massage treatment. Please inquire directly with your fund before starting a treatment in order to know the conditions that apply to you.

Classic therapeutic massage

Depending on your needs, the therapeutic massage will be oriented towards different techniques. Massage performed by gentle manipulation of the muscles using appropriate oils. It is used to improve circulation, relieve muscle pain, back pain and tension. Therapeutic massage is specific to muscle pain and generally takes place over several sessions.

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Sports massage

Massage that heats or relaxes the muscle, before exercise or after sports. Sports massage (specific limbs as requested) Massage performed by deep and stimulating pressure using Arnica oil. It is used for faster recovery, drains toxins present in the body after exercise. It relieves aches, contractures and tensions. Promotes recovery, reduces aches and prevents muscle pain.

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Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage, like Swedish massage, aims to provide maximum relaxation to the person, in order to bring them well-being. A real moment when the patient is in his bubble, his cocoon.

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Meditation Anti Stress Massage

This massage reduces psychic tensions and associated pain. Gently brings the person back to the present moment in their body and releases them from these tensions. It differs from the relaxing massage, because it does not only seek relaxation, but relief, comfort and support.

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*A missed or cancelled consultation less than 24 hours in advance (working days), is billed at the full price. This rule also applies for an appointment booked on the same day.uInsurance companies covering therapeutc massage are ASCA list and RME list (Assura, Axa and Visana are not covering Therapeutic massage treatment). Please contact your company insurance directly to find out precisely your reimbursement conditions.