Treatment of migraines in osteopathy

Migraines, headaches or chronic headaches, have you consulted our osteopathic practice? Headache is characterized by severe to moderate headache and often affects patients’ quality of life. Two main forms are considered, episodic tension headache and chronic tension headache. Episodic tension headache is said to be mainly based on muscle factors. The reason for the pain is an increase in the tension and sensitivity of the peri-cranial muscles (trapezius in the neck, massage and temporal in the face), often favoured by postural factors. For chronic tension headache, it is probably more related to a malfunction of pain control systems. In both forms of tension headaches, poor stress management is frequently presented by patients. The osteopath’s goal is to shut down the source by treating: -Muscular tensions applied to the skull (trapezius, neck and jaw muscles). -Disorders of the temporomandibular joint (jaw). -All other back or peripheral disorders that can cause tension. -All the techniques used in osteopathy have an impact on the involuntary nervous system and therefore on stress management.