Here are some examples of common reasons for consultations in osteopathy

Here are some examples of pathologies of functional origins for which osteopathy is indicated:

  • At the vertebral level: lumbagos, lumbago, low back pain, sciatica, torticollis, neck pain, cervico-brachial neuralgia, back pain, trauma (“whiplash”, fall on the coccyx).
  • At the level of the limbs: Sprains, tendonitis, tension, epicondylitis, certain joint pains…
  • Headache: Migraines, headaches, earaches, sinusitis, rhinopharyngeal disorders, dizziness...
  • In the digestive system: Some constipation or diarrhoea, digestive disorders, functional colitis, bloating, infant colic….
  • At the gynaecological and obstetrical level: Follow-up during pregnancy (heartburn, constipation, back pain, sacroiliac problems), dysmenorrhoea, painful periods….

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