How to prevent a ski injury

The new ski season is launched with the snowfall of the last few days. It is a fun and magical sport because of its mountain setting. Skiing is demanding and places unusual demands on our bodies. To prevent injuries and fully enjoy the season, Boris Hueber’s Lausanne osteopathic practice recommends a good physical preparation with a little cardio, sheathing and above all a specific strengthening of the lower limbs. The knee is the most affected joint with mainly the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. A specific work of the hamstrings is necessary to strengthen them as well as a work of proprioception. You can be accompanied by a physiotherapist and a specialized coach for this. To complete this preparation, a postural balance is essential to avoid injury. An osteopathic session is recommended to rebalance your pelvis, check your lumbar vertebrae and lower limb muscle chains. As we say “better be safe than sorry” or “prevention is better than cure”. Boris Hueber’s osteopathic practice wishes you a wonderful season.